Provedal C640

General Details
Balcony glazing is used currently the most advanced architectural profile system “Provedal C640, which is exactly suited to our rugged climate according to their performance, and affordable price. These structures are designed for an older home construction and renovation of balconies newly constructed houses of balconies and loggias glazing. This aluminum glazing system is modern and convenient, requiring only minimal maintenance.
The system has the highest tightness. Among the currently proposed Lithuania balconies and terraces of aluminum glazing systems, which is necessary to maintain the temperature to protect the room from the balcony of external factors: noise, dust, rain and snow, but together they allow you to save a higher temperature in winter. Glazed balcony of the apartment the temperature of the cold season is 7-9 degrees higher.
The new frame balcony glazing system Provedal C640 boasts:

• In the long lifetime
• Minimal maintenance, i aluminum dyeing
• Reduces ambient noise by 25%
• Aluminium profile does not react to temperature fluctuations (-50 to +50)
• Organic product
• Rubber gaskets and brushes, dust and rain
• Spanish supplies reliable and durable
New Provedal C 640 system has its own strength and structural diversity, which gives the ability to produce a variety of glazing of balconies Construction:
• Construction from floor to ceiling – by mid nevarstoma part – showcase, since the mid-leaf sliding system
• Construction from floor to ceiling – sliding leaf from floor to ceiling
• sliding sash system built on railing