Aluminum doors

General Details
MB-60 – is a modern aluminum profile system, suitable for use in external buildingstructures that require good thermal and sound insulation: the different types ofwindows, doors, porch, windows, spatial structures and so on. These systems are installed items can be combined with window and door systems, “MB-45” and “MB-70 elements within the same group of materials. Grid “MB-60 allows you to produce protected from break-ins window and door systems, as well as varioustypes of windows such as windows to the hidden leaf (modification of the system” MB60US), the horizontal and the vertical axis of the rotating window (system modification MB-60 Pivot“or” MB-60 Industrial “) or steel windows to mimic profiles suitable for the modernization of old buildings.
System architecture consists of three chambers profiles. Frame depth – 60 mm., Vent – 69 mm doors and frames of 60 mm. Similar depths, the closure of the window gives the impression of one plane. It is also possible to bend the profile. Possible to design different types of arches and their structures.