Plastic systems

General Details
Selecting these constructions, balconies glazing used the same plastic used for the production of PVC window profiles. llgesni and complex balconies connected by special connectors and corner balcony glazing used in the standard 90-degree connectors, which reinforced galvanized steel fixtures, and are as durable as plastic windows.

Window and door technology:

Profiled bindings tape:1roto

  • no detail (eg. head wood screws) does not come out to Falco
  • Falco fully exploited slack
  • Flat-lock Basics
  • exclusive lock closure stroke properties

The optimum surface protection:3roto

  • zincification
  • chroming
  • filled in varnished

Locking fitting connection:

  • 4rotoConfidently takes up prisukimo.
  • The exact details of connection.
  • Reliable cell connections ensure bindings functionality.
  • No Falco play in reducing užsklandėlių


  • shaped bindings tape – more slack Falco
  • Surfacing ROTOsil – appearance and protection
  • suitable for automation system: bindings groove besifiksuojanti and suitable for installation in machines
  • accurate and reliable circuit components without locating užsklandėlių, specify the position of screws
  • objectives defined in detail circuit without workflow errors
  • adjustable retainers
  • all types of screws locking catch position coincides
  • easily adjustable bindings (pressure / sideways / upside-down)
  • easily supplemented by a higher degree of Antibreaking
  • less space required on the hinge side
  • Modular system: the logistics advantages
  • easy to process5roto
  • simple leaf hanging
  • Opened restriction standard
  • micro-aeration easy to install at any time
  • erroneous control stop and sash agent-two in one
  • balcony door trap
  • easily replaced by the tilt angle, twist-tip scissors