General Details
Aluminium balconies used to produce Alutech (Belarus) profile. Sliding parts are framed aluminum frame, so the whole structure is stable and the upper part of the glazing can be used for simple 4mm or 6mm glass. Design wheels fastened to the aluminum profile and has a vertical and horizontal regulatory option, which ensures extremely easy movement of moving parts. The accumulation of drainage channels prevents moisture from entering into the inner side of the balcony. Sealing brushes prevent rain and dust from entering the interior of the structure and inhibit the moving parts of the vibration from the wind. All moving parts easily removable and insertion of the self, thus there is no problem to clean up the glass from the outside. All the glass windows of the inside of the crown of special aluminum glazing, and if needed, can be used in place of glass 4mm, 6mm, a variety of fillings.